How to Redefine Impulse Purchases Like Candy, Gum and refreshments.

Impulse buying is down big time in the US. As more of us buy online, another industry being taken to the mat is the candy and gum sector; cornerstones of the impulse purchase.

Thirty percent of online grocery spending in the U.S. is now done through Amazon, according to Brick Meets Click, an advisory firm focused on grocery and technology’s impact on the way consumers shop. Put another way, Amazon has about the same share of the U.S. online grocery industry as all supermarkets combined, writes Ad Age.

The challenge is for this industry is to redefine impulse. Mars Wrigley Confectionery, which is the world’s largest confectionery company and ranks just behind Hershey in the U.S., has been trying out a number of ideas. These include the issuing of online gift certificates to reward a friend with candy, and having sweets readily available in places where people are likely to have the munchies, like in a Lyft or Uber.

Earlier this year, top advertising agency, StrawberryFrog launched a brand fueled-marketing movement for Peace Tea, a Coca Cola brand of teas. One way Movement Marketing positively impacts impulse is by tying it to big emotional ideas on the rise in culture. In the case of Peace Tea – it was the movement ‘Choose Peace” and the stand for Randomer random acts of kindness.

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