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Bucharest looks like a city from the past. Actually it’s the city of the future.

Dispatch from Romania by Scott Goodson, CEO and Founder of top advertising agency, StrawberryFrog.

The past three days I’ve been in Bucharest, Romania. I’ve been a guest of the City as well as a keynote speaker at the 2018 Global IAA conference alongside top dignitaries from Google HQ’s Cecelia Wogan-Silva, from Facebook, plus Tim Kobe, founder of 8 Inc, Antje Hundhausen from TMobile, Robin Wright, the star of House of Cards, even the delightful CEO of Burning Man, Marian Goodell was here.

We all came to Bucharest to connect and network with marketers, brands and advertising leaders from across the globe.

Everyone spoke about their areas of expertise and I, of course, spoke about my thing, Movement Marketing. Beforehand I didn’t know what to expect. Afterwards, I experienced many piercing and well thought through questions and a sea of inquisitive minds. In between speakers I walked around the center of Bucharest.

I saw the palatial government buildings, the exquisite national bank, the modern national theatre and the Franco-Roman national university building, in front of which a monumental societal movement in 1989 toppled the autocratic government of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. In addition to these, I saw many crumbling masterpieces and edifices. Some of which you wouldn’t want to sit under to enjoy a delicious local brew.

However, the big ‘aaahhhh’ for me is: don’t let the facades fool you. The quality of inventive and creative thinking burgeoning in Bucharest is impressive and second to none. The talent is broad and wide and everywhere. The curiosity insatiable and genuinely inspiring, especially for someone like me who’s opened StrawberryFrog advertising agency offices in Brazil, India, Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam and New York. Cities and countries full of talented people. Yet, here I met a different kind of young, articulate, brilliant person during my visit to a city 2 hours from the Black Sea. And here, I experienced an energy and drive that I haven’t experienced elsewhere.

“What?”, you ask.

Yes! I’m excited about my time here and wish I had the opportunity to get to know more people and especially small design and digital companies to collaborate with here, because they’re going to change the world.

Here, in this city of Bucharest, lives and energy, drive, and output that is both wonderful and inspiring. 60% of the population is well under 25, extraordinarily creative because they’ve had little resources to muster other than their wits and talents, and access to technology which they’ve mastered in spades. No wonder the Israeli tech industry regularly works with small firms and individuals here.

I, for one, am incredibly impressed with the people and this city.

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