Best Advertising Agencies 2018

Best advertising agencies trending on Youtube

1. Wieden+Kennedy

It is quite an amazing and one of the best advertising agencies in the world. This company has been constantly in the top lists for over 30 years. It top-notch clients include Coke, Nike and P&G (Old Spice).

2. StrawberryFrog

Modern, innovative, StrawberryFrog is the world’s only brand-fueled movement marketing agency. StrawberryFrog is a top NYC advertising agency, focused on marketing, communications and design. As one of the leading ad agencies in the USA, it has worked with famous brands like Emirates Airline, Jim Beam, Pampers, Heineken and SunTrust Bank.

3. Ogilvy

It has achieved worldwide recognition in no time. This is an award-winning ad agency. It garnered the most awards in the two most important award shows, the Effie’s and Cannes Lions.


It is operating for over 100 years and is a widely reputed ad agency. It is known for its consistently good work for blue chip clients as General Electric, AT&T, Mars, and Federal Express. This company has its branches spread across Europe and America and is always ready to take challenges in the ad industry

5. McCann

It has created some of the best-known and most iconic advertising campaigns of the last century.

6. Martin

This Richmond, Va. agency created one of America’s most loveable critters: the Gecko for Geico. The company delivers best ad services to its big ticket clients like Walmart.

7. Mullen Lowe

A top-notch advertising agency. It has been an early adapter of social media, and is known to implement a bundled integrated model that helped it land “on-trend” clients such as Zappos, JetBlue, and Acura.

8. 72 and Sunny

This LA-based agency works for Trojan condoms, Smirnoff, LG and Johnnie Walker.

9. Deutsch

This NYC advertising agency, which also has offices in LA, is a fantastic one. It has a strong global network in parent Lowe, and is known to deliver strong work to its reputed clients like Snapple, Unilever, and Microsoft.

10. Droga5

It has been known for its creative and top notch ideas. Some of its clients are ESPN, Prudential, and Unilever.


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