Why Employer Branding is Better as a Movement

The economy is strong. Companies compete for the best talent, some with the help of a marketing agency or branding design agency and others without. More so today than since the early 2000s according to the Harvard Business Review. Due to new and emerging tools like social networks and online communities, 78 percent of job seekers say that ratings and reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work (according to Glassdoor).
          What are your employees saying about you on social media? What will top talent discover when they research your company? The answers mean the difference between wooing or losing employees in today’s changing world of recruitment and job searches.
          Having a strong Employer Brand Movement should be the modern tool in your recruiting strategy. If you don’t have it, your competition might. The approach to building a strong employer brand has changed over the last few years—as has its impact on hiring and who’s responsible for overseeing it. This led to the development of an Employee Value Proposition, which defined the key benefits offered by the company as an employer, and the production of employer brand guidelines by a branding design agency, which aimed to bring greater consistency to the company’s recruitment advertising. Many employers and recruiters believe running an advertising campaign so people know your name builds an effective brand or that putting up an Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook page. But it’s much more than that.
          Times have changed. The rise of social media has made companies a great deal more transparent. People are far more likely to trust a company based on what its employees have to say than on its recruitment advertising. This means that talent attraction relies far more heavily on employee engagement and advocacy.
          StrawberryFrog is change. We deliver Movement Inside your company. It begins with using our skills as a marketing agency to define the purpose for your brand that employees believe in, and then activating that purpose with a brand movement inside the company. The movement is a cause that people want to belong to. To employees, a Movement Inside inspires motivations, trust, creativity and passion in ways that top down mandates simply cannot do. Movement Inside builds pipelines of talent for tomorrow, and rallies current employees around a cause that can change actions and habits and in the process transform the company.
          Traditional corporate purpose statements can sound like a lot of blah blah blah and fall flat. Work without purpose is like life without love. It’s not surprising that organizations are increasingly choosing purpose-driven employer brands. People feel more passionate about what they do if they feel they can make a difference, and purposeful companies like charismatic people draw attention and command greater respect and loyalty. But the vanilla statement that sounds more like a ‘committee resolution’ than a compelling statement of intent will fall flat. This is all the more reason why Movement Inside generated by a branding design agency like us is better than traditional purpose branding solutions.
          Movement Inside cases that have enhanced employer branding by StrawberryFrog include Make History for Jim Beam, a movement against the patriarchy and for equality; Hello Tomorrow for Emirates Airline, a movement to make the world smaller and thereby reduce misunderstandings between people; Rise for Mahindra, a movement to accept no limitations, using your ingenuity to drive positive change; and onUp for SunTrust Bank, a movement to help Americans move from financial stress to confidence.

          No matter what your company’s size, location, or industry is, you’ll find that Movement Inside by the StrawberryFrog marketing agency will build the foundation for modern employer branding success.


Movement Inside will
1. Help retain top employees and recruit new ones
2. Reduce costs
3. Increase motivation, trust and creativity
4. Improve employee engagement
5. Increase employee productivity
6. Transform the company

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