How to Build a Brand That Disrupts the Category

How-to-Build-Brand-Awareness-for-Your-StartupFor startups, especially e-commerce companies, or brand innovations, branding is everything. StrawberryFrog, a top branding design and advertising agency in New York City, knows the ins and outs of modern branding.

A brand motto or slogan, an ad, even the design of the logo and the all-important website and mobile site can make the difference between success and failure.

But understanding how to develop a brand and strategically evolve that brand in today’s world fraught with fast changes and evolving media isn’t the easiest task. New business owners are faced with a constant dilemma: How to make your business known in a sea of competitors? There is no simple way to build a brand that disrupts, as business markets are constantly changing.

Fortunately, NYC advertising agency StrawberryFrog knows how to build brands that disrupt. StrawberryFrog is different from the traditional agencies. It’s low overhead. Low BS. High agility. High impact. High confidence.

EvilPotatoes, the leading brand naming company in New York City, is sister company to StrawberryFrog. These days, coming up with a brand name is not an easy task as most names are taken by start ups, pharmaceutical and tech companies. It takes an expert to identify the best new brand name for your tech start up, do the necessary legal checks and lock it down in the US or globally. Imagine the competition to come up with a new name that beats all those new start ups that make the headlines at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Together these firms work with BlueberryContent, the leading content marketing company that develops culturally relevant and cost effective marketing content for social media and digital.

The have helped companies like P&G, Jim Beam, Heineken, Coca Cola, BlackBerry, and PepsiCo find their unique voice in a cluttered market.

StrawberryFrog is a branding design and advertising agency in New York City with a keen sense of the type of marketing that consumers respond to. Brand-fueled movement marketing defines the people and culture at StrawberryFrog. They are also driven by generating results for companies, and they’ve got an powerful track record and many letters from satisfied clients to prove it. While there are other firms that are larger, StrawberryFrog’s track record for launching new brands from scratch is outstanding. For example, they launched and built Sabra Hummus to over 60% market share against the market leaders Nestle Tribe and Kraft Athenos, naming Sabra one of the the most effectively marketed brands in the food category. They know how to craft strong branding design and create a great business that stands the test of time.

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